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Auto Insurance

With the ability to generate thousands of auto insurance leads every day, we are able to target your specific needs and still supply the volume required.

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Auto Finance

The Fused Leads team has been generating auto finance leads for more than 10 years with an excellent track record of return percentages.

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Health Insurance

We generate thousands of quality, real-time health insurance leads that include customers of different ages, medical conditions and family sizes.

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Life Insurance

Receive high-quality life insurance leads with the fields you require 24 hours a day, 7 days a week regardless of your CRM’s technical requirements.

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Home Insurance

We connect you with well-qualified homeowners currently looking for homeowner insurance. Our leads are sourced from the highest intent sources available.

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Mortgage Lending

Improve the quality of your mortgage leads. Close more homes. We can help you reach your goals with our cutting edge mortgage lending lead program.

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Home Improvement

We are on the cutting-edge of home improvement lead generation. We only include homeowners who are actively searching for a contractor for their project.

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Lead Generation Services

Growth Doesn’t Happen Overnight

But it can happen much faster when companies are directly connected to their most ideal prospects.

Fused Leads is a pipeline to potential clients for the home improvement, auto insurance, auto finance, life insurance, mortgage and health insurance industries.

We offer accurate, qualified, real-time sales leads to customers who are most likely to buy. That saves you time, money and helps skyrocket your revenue.

Lead Generation Experts

The team at Fused Leads has spent a decade working in lead generation and online advertising, watching both industries grow and evolve as technology continued to advance. That experience has strongly connected us to a multitude of talented, effective lead generators, lead buyers, technology experts and more.

A strong lead vertical is one that helps fill a consumer need and helps companies make money. Our team understands what works and what doesn’t for verticals.

We can generate most any type of lead. That allows us to offer clients custom lead generation programs based on their needs, growth expectation and revenue goals.

By using an effective ping post method of selling and buying, we significantly improves the lead sales process.

How it Works

Sellers can “ping,” partial, yet relevant lead information to potential buyers for a glimpse of possible leads before deciding whether to make a purchase. It allows the buyer to receive strong lead information quickly, and at optimal prices.

The ping post method also protects consumer information. While ping post is preferred, Fused Leads also provides its partners with direct post or other vertical lead options if desired.

Solid, Lasting Relationships

Fused Leads is only successful if our partners and affiliates are successful. Our commitment to those relationships has helped us all flourish in a highly-competitive, ever-changing market.

Fused Leads is the leader in exclusive, targeted lead generation, whether you are buying or selling. Let’s connect and start growing your client base today.