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Home Improvement Leads

Home improvement spending is expected to topple $269 billion by 2025 as more people – especially aging baby boomers – stay in their homes longer and require remodeling or upgrades that increases the property’s functionality and reflects changing style trends.

At the same time, there are more than seven million general contractors in the U.S. In a vertical as competitive as home improvement, the real-time leads we provide can help contractors get in touch with homeowners quickly and easily.

The home improvement vertical has grown exponentially in recent years – alongside the home improvement industry itself. Time is of the essence in a competitive industry; the faster a lead moves, the more value it has.

Home Improvement Projects

Fused Leads, LLC is on the cutting-edge of home improvement lead optimization. We only include homeowners who are actively searching for a contractor to handle their kitchen remodel, windows installation, porch addition, cabinets replacement or other remodeling project. Our programs target only people who are ready to begin.

Close more deals – and make more money – with Fused Leads.

Contact us today to discuss our catalog of home improvement leads to give your business the boost it needs to help you reach your goals.

The team at Fused Leads is always looking to buy leads that make things happen for our partners through our proven ping post system, which provides fast payouts, ensures the best leads and protects consumer information.

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